The Corporate shuttle is aimed on big institutions, whose employers cannot take the risk of getting a UDI. Thus this shuttle will take you and bring you back from all functions including mid-year, end year and normal functions during the year. Thi

This shuttle entitles you to enjoy a night out with all your friends, colleagues, family, without worrying about driving under the influence. This idea started when the government announced that they want to lower the alcohol level to 0.00% this y

Our School Coaches are one of our bigger focus points, and all our vehicles do have passenger insurance up to a R100 million, which comes down to that your safety is our first priority. These shuttles include transport to and from: Sporting

These tours can be any destination within Africa Where you want to go. On the smaller vehicles one can do a self-drive which entitles you to be your own driver, or you can book the vehicle with a driver. All our vehicles do have passenger insuranc

This shuttle entitles you to enjoy your days without going to the same old mall every day, and lets you see places which you have been longing to see for a while. This idea started when we saw that the shuttles which the Old homes and Retirement V

Be safer with less people bothering you, with our new service which will give you VIP treatment.