This shuttle entitles you to enjoy your days without going to the same old mall every day, and lets you see places which you have been longing to see for a while.

This idea started when we saw that the shuttles which the Old homes and Retirement Villages uses today, only take the people to one place. The idea here is to broaden your traveling core, and to see more places and stay for longer.

On request we will have a wheelchair ramp, for those who need it.

Lemco Transport’s staff is ready to serve you with compassion, patients, and a smile on our face, to take you any place your hart desires.

This service will be available within and around Gauteng, including Johannesburg, and with special request in the other provinces in South Africa                 

This service includes the following:

  • Menlyn Shopping Centre.
  • Woodlands Shopping centre.
  • Parkview Lifestyle Centre.
  • Brooklyn Mall Shopping centre.
  • Centurion Mall Shopping centre.
  • Antique Shops
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Coffee shops
  • Curio African Shops
  • Bakeries