This shuttle entitles you to enjoy a night out with all your friends, colleagues, family, without worrying about driving under the influence.

This idea started when the government announced that they want to lower the alcohol level to 0.00% this year. This means that one drink will get you locked up and maybe a criminal record.

CEO’s, Financial Managers, Lawyers, Doctors etc. may not continue practice when getting a criminal record, even for a simple thing like driving under the influence.

This service will be available within and around Gauteng, including Johannesburg, and with special request in the other provinces in South Africa

This service includes the following:

  • Transport to all big and small Concerts
  • Transport to and from Mid- year & End-year functions
  • Transport for Golf Days
  • Transport to and from Weddings
  • Transport for Bachelors
  • Transport for bachelorettes
  • Pub crawling for “Boys Night” out
  • Transportation for “Girls Night”